Wedding In Phuket

To the question ” why Phuket ? ” there are many answers.
I have been living in Thailand for many years and I have seen the positive sides on many different locations. Thailand have so many fantastic places and when it comes to your wedding you might want to hear why so many people think Phuket is the best place of them all.


1 – First off, on Phuket you have a west coast with crystal clear water and several beaches to choose from. While you and your family and friends enjoy your wedding holiday you will probably have a lot of time to spend before or after the magical hours. Those hours many people want to spend on a beach with warm and clear water. Well, Phuket have this. Not all places in Thailand have such clear water as the Phuket west coast.

2 – Another great thing about Phuket is the international airport. It just can’t get any easier to get to your wedding destination than it is on Phuket. Tons of flights come straight to Phuket island from all over the world.

3 – To find that magical wedding destination many people take a trip to do some reconnaissance and here on Phuket you have lots of fantastic wedding resorts offering anything from small secluded beaches to big active ones. You find wedding resorts in extremely quiet spots of the island as well as in the heart of the action. And all this on one island!

4 – You and your wedding guest are probably planning on spending time partying, have adventures or do some serious shopping. Again, Phuket has it all.
If you stumbled on this page thinking that Phuket is a crowded place you have a lot to check out because there are about 40 beaches here and many secluded places.

5 – The last reason and maybe the biggest of them all is that Phuket is the perfect wedding destination because I am here to make your wedding rockin or whatever you have in mind.

Basic Info

Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand and is located in the Andaman sea in the southern region of the country.

The island Phuket is a province which is covering only the island.
Phuket offer everything from pure Thai life with minimal or no tourists at all but Phuket is for most people known for the popular tourist destinations as Patong, Karon and Kata. Even Patong have different sides and though it attracts a lot of party people many families and old people come here as well.
On Phuket you will find amazing shopping, adventures and not least beaches that is hard to beat.

Except from the most famous destinations mentioned above there are a lot more beaches to find here both in the north as well as in the far south.

Thanks to all this Phuket has become a very popular destination for weddings and other parties.

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