Phuket Lighting

Phuket party lighting rental and ambient lighting for private and corporate events.

Lighting is a super powerful visual effect that gives music and events an extra dimension and I have a quite unique lighting setup thanks to the outstanding performance of the lighting used and how the lights are combined and controlled with super effective advanced software. I include this software and powerful lighting for all events, even for small weddings and parties.

Lighting can also be very powerful without music depending on how its used, for example during a dinner where the music is in the background a colourful light can set the mood. My basic systems include both professional stage LED PAR lights, moving heads as well as up lights for decoration.


Quality Lighting


I provide lighting for weddings, corporate events and private parties.
The PAR lights I use are big and super bright, each 500 watts, professional grade used for big stages so a smaller number of lights can be used instead of a big load of PAR light and the moving heads are R7 230 watts beam and spotlights. The brightness and programs can of course be adjusted live to make more dramatic scenes with lots of flashing or less dramatic slower changes for a less energetic experience. All stage PAR lights are full-colour LEDs, meaning that all LEDs can change colours and they are all 9 watts and not the regular 1 or 3 watt types. Its also very common to use PAR lights where only a few LEDs are red, a few green, a few blue and a few white which result in much thinner light.

My lighting are always used along with advanced top of the line computer controlled software.


Wedding and Event Lighting

The two most powerful lighting equipment used to create amazing atmospheres are LED PAR lights and moving head spotlights. These two types have different purposes where the PAR lights are used as wash lights meaning they light up a wide area.

Moving head spotlights in combination with LED PAR lights makes a complete setup. Moving heads can tilt and twist and shoot directed lights all over the place and are also effectively used as spotlights at a specific area. My moving head spotlights do also change colour and have a bunch of gobos (patterns and symbols) that can move over the floor, walls and roof of a venue, great effect. These two kind of lights in combination is my recommended choice.


Lighting Setups

Here are my most used lighting setups. All options include Mac computer with professional lighting controller software system.

Due to the power these lights have they are capable of lighting up an impressive area. However thanks to the full control they are also very suitable for small venues.


  • Standard Wedding/ Event Lighting Setup


    • 8x super powerful 54×9 watt professional stage LED PAR lights
    • 2x R7 230w moving heads
    • 2x 3+ meter high t-bar stands
    • Apple computer with controller software



  • Medium Lighting Setup


    • 8x super powerful 54×9 watt professional stage LED PAR lights 
    • 2x 3+ meter high t-bar stands
    • Apple computer with controller software



  • Small Lighting Setup


    • 4x super powerful 54×9 watt professional stage LED PAR lights
    • 1x 3+ meter high t-bar stand
    • Apple computer with controller software



  • Moving heads only


    • 2x R7 230w moving heads
    • Apple computer with controller software


Extra recommendation:

Up Lights: My basic up light package consist of 16 sets of lights. Usually they are placed around a room to light up the walls in a desired colour or multiple colours. For other type of venues the lights can be placed around the area, under tables, light up threes or setup in many ways to enhance the visual appearance of the venue. The uplights can also be part of the party lighting for the later party of the event.


Smoke Machines: I also have a professional 3000 watt stage/ dance floor low-fog machine. This powerful machine is capable of pumping out a huge amount of smoke and can create a beautiful “walk on cloud” effect where the smoke is laying low by the floor. It is also suitable to full up the dance floor and make the lighting more visible.

I do also have powerful regular smoke machine.

Walk on clouds with professional low fog machine



Lighting Demo Examples


– Standard Lighting Setup –

– Medium Lighting Setup –


And here you can see a glimpse of the moving head lighting alone.

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